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Meet Viv

Liscenced Realtor, host of Costruyendo Suenos and program director of Empowering the next generation. 

It's never been easier to qualify you for your next big purchase, investment or dream home. I enjoy working closely with clients until they reach their goals and it thrills me to see first time home buyers walking into their properties for the FIRST TIME! The Radio show I host, Costruyendo Suenos, helps me deliver positive messages and sound advice everyday. I cant forget my most important program and project, Empowering The Next Generation which helps young adults get ready for the real world and we use every resource and donation at our disposal to educate and develop our youth for a better tomorrow. 

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I Specialize In

Real Estate

Investment Oppurtunities 




The Journey towards

your dream home begins

with a realtor like me.

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Thank you fro your guidance and foresight to get us through a home purchase during Covid-19, you were a blessing. 

- Samuel Rodriguez

You tought me so much and I was able to rent while saving up for a home. Thanks to you, my family and I have our dream home. 

- Bianca Vasquez

Im Happy we met, all our investments, and land grabs have been phenomenal, best network I have ever been with, thank you -Viv.

- Eddie Gutierrez


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