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Licensed Realtor, Radio Hostess, & Founder of Empowering The Generation

My Career is Real Estate, but its not just houses and investments for me. I educate, and recruit realtors to become trained professionals.


As a radio hostess, I deliver important updates and tips about real estate, loans, investments, and complementary services to help you make those important real estate decisions.


Costruyendo Suenos isn't just a show, its our motto because I want to help you construct your dreams into reality. 

It has been a privilege to launch Empowering The Next Generation for our future leaders and children coming up to take the mantle that we are leaving behind. It's more important than ever to give our kids of this great country and world an opportunity to thrive were we haven't. We need to show them that this world is about standing up for what you believe in and following your dreams. 


If we reach for the stars, we might just land on a moon! 

Join me in Real Estate, My Radio show or in Empowering the Next Generation; we are going to do great things together. 

Thank you all for visiting and Welcome to a better tomorrow, because today is amazing! 

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