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"Hello beautiful people my business name is viv pena. You are in the right place at the right time, so worry no more about Business development and strategies too cause I am here for you."


I am a visionary leader and entrepreneur with a strong commitment to empowering the next generation. Over my career, I have successfully established and managed two impactful ventures: Empowering The Next Generation and Tower Team Realty. Through these endeavors, I have contributed to financial literacy education, mental health awareness, and real estate development while receiving recognition for my dedication and achievements. My journey has been marked by transformative experiences, strategic initiatives, and a passion for podcasting, all of which have enriched my career and benefitted my clients and community.


Founder/CEO - Empowering The Next Generation

01/2014 - Present
Miami, FL


- Coordinated with the Miami school system to implement courses teaching financial literacy in high schools, equipping young people with essential life skills.
- Championed mental health awareness and provided supportive outlets for healing, recovery, and fulfillment, making a positive impact on the well-being of youth.
- Conducted interviews with professionals from diverse career fields to raise awareness among our youth and promote potential employment placement programs.
- Pioneered the development and growth of real estate agents, ensuring continuity for youthful development across the United States.

Chief Executive Officer - Tower Team Realty

01/2018 - Present
Hialeah, FL


- Collaborated with mortgage lenders, home inspectors, and escrow companies to ensure the fulfillment of terms and conditions in purchase agreements, consistently exceeding monthly home financing goals.
- Facilitated financial options for clients to become homeowners, resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
- Received multiple local recognitions and awards, achieving a 2% increase in monthly closing sales and maintaining a customer satisfaction loyalty rating of 100%.
- Featured in prominent magazines, including Unlimited Magazine USA and Negocios Hispanos USA Magazine, for outstanding empowerment contributions to Miami-Dade county.


- Anger Control Training for Therapists (08/1995 -Present)
- Miramar Police Department - Citizens Police Academy (06/2002 - Present)
- Broward County School Board
- Substitute Certificate (07/2009 - 06/2014)
- International Press Card - Social Communicator (04/2019 - 04/2023)
- International Police Chaplain
(11/2020 -11/2023)
- Miami International Book Fair
(11/2022 Present)
- Autobiography Novel: ElCosto de la Rebeldia

Honored Awards

- Certificate of Presentation - Ambassador (09/2021 - Present) - Christian Latin Business Chamber of Commerce
- John C Maxwell Coaching Certification Program (01/2016 - Present) - The John C Maxwell Team


Masters of Science in Communication
C.E.L.A International University
11/2013 - 11/2017

My career journey has been defined by a commitment to empowering others, whether through financial education, mental health advocacy, or real estate development. I have been recognized for my outstanding contributions to my community and have consistently exceeded expectations in my roles. My passion for podcasting and a strategic approach to business development have been key drivers of my success.

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